White Glove Valet

For many, the luxury automobile is the most beloved purchase of one’s life.

As such, the experience should reflect the purchase

Events of luxury

The Orca Group focuses on elevating the patron experience using a bespoke hospitality system that ensures our staff are trained, uniformed, and eager to assist your guests as they arrive. We recognize that your discerning clientele are accustomed to, and demanding of, extended services such as valet that enrich their experience. Trust ensured that keeps your guests on time for their event of reservation and delighted by their first impression of your establishment.

Beginning with an enjoyable first impression at your doorstep. Parking at dealerships is often difficult to control as their inventory and service have many moving parts. Having a professional valet attendant at your doorstep offers guests a warm welcome and assurance that they will not spend their time searching for parking near your dealership.