Transportation & Storage

At The Orca Group, we believe in accommodating to the highest levels of automobile ownership.

Mitigating ownership risk and handling automobiles with the finest of care.

Supercar Transportation

The Orca Group accommodates private clients and provides specialized vehicle transportation. For track events, auctions, relocation and vacation purposes. If you’ve purchased a vehicle out of your area and need it delivered, we can help.

When we say we take special care of your baby, we mean it. We offer safe, controlled movement in and out of our trailers and utilize a wide motorposrt hauler specificly designed for high value vehicles. This results in a minimal amount of stress on your vehicle. Through the use of soft strap tie downs, we keep your car in place and prevent any damage from occurring. The Orca Group has been trusted to handle all types of automobiles including prototypes, museum vehicles, show cars, race cars and many more. Our world class aluminum motorsport hauler can deliver your automobile.

Supercar Storage

The Orca Group storage aims to satisfy all your requirements from short term to long term storage. Storage is suitable for modern-day Supercars and Classic Supercars alike. Our storage also includes transportation both to and from your original location.

All Supercars will receive a pre-check, basic storage and departure checks as standard with various storage and options for your car for you to choose from.

Entry level storage includes: vehicle transportation to and from our secret facility. Indoor, dehumidified, secure & covered storage.

It would be an honor of ours to serve you.