Orca Driving Program

The Orca Track Experience is designed specifically for those who compromise nothing.

This experience allows you to arrive and drive. All in one.

This thing of ours.

This program encompasses a fully served bespoke experience. Ideal for multiple drivers who wish to push themselves to new boundaries.

Focusing on driver embitterment, our team of private ORCA coaches work with you in and out of the vehicle to help maximize your performance. Providing expert guidance around the worlds most prestigious circuits. Creating a life long memory in the process. Ideal for showcasing the attributes of our performance orientated models and driving techniques.

This discovery provides you with the perfect opportunity to spend the day enjoying a fully immersive experience in a high performance track vehicle of your choice.

As part of the experience you will also be provided with full hospitality and given an insight into the driving techniques that take at the highest levels of motorsport.

Available Dates at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Grand Prix Circuit

  • Wednesday, April 29
  • Wednesday, June 3
  • Wednesday, July 8
  • Wednesday, August 5
  • Wednesday, September 9
  • Wednesday, September 3